Various photovoltaic panels applications


Most people state that the only uses of the photovoltaic panels are on the roof or on the ground. In reality, the implementation ideas are numerous. Some help to simplify everyday life and to reduce the investment costs of building the energy transport networks in isolated locations and beyond.

Some interesting ideas of photovoltaic panels applications we will present below. A particularly useful and innovative application managed to capture our attention in Bucharest. In the Crangasi Park there is a photovoltaic panels application, an autonomous self-cleaning toilet. Such an application requires a short installation time and minimal maintenance costs.

Another application of the photovoltaic panels is the billboard with ecological powering. The billboards containing outdoor advertisements or commercials are placed by highways or European and national roads. The main purpose of these panels is to constantly present the information of interest. The main disadvantage of the simple billboards is the poor overnight visibility. But this disadvantage can turn into a real advantage if the outdoor billboards are equipped with lighting LEDs powered by the solar energy captured by the photovoltaic panels. A period of high exposure (day-night) generates double the revenue / income for the outdoor commercial beneficiary.

The light signaling devices are another application idea for the photovoltaic panels. In cities with intense traffic, to avoid power failures that can cause traffic congestions by the lack of power supply for the light-signaling devices, the signaling devices are equipped with the photovoltaic panels.

Another idea for using the photovoltaic panels is placing them on the roofs of the passenger or freight trains. By using this power supply method, we will significantly reduce the energy costs.