Tritech Group tests the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels!


The photovoltaic panels’ efficiency can record, with time, a downtrend for maximum 25%. The reduction of the photovoltaic panels’ efficiency with a certain percentage has direct and negative results on the renewable energy production. By the efficiency testing process of the photovoltaic panels, we minimize the risk of diminished renewable energy production.

The Tritech Group is testing the efficiency of all the photovoltaic panels manufactured in the specially created laboratory. The testing is carried out with cutting-edge machinery at a value of 1000W / square meters.

According to the data from the European solar map, Romania is located in a favorable area for installing the photovoltaic panels with a good production yield. Romania has a range between 1100-1400 kWh / square meters (from north to south), but with the provision that, in the plains, the operating temperature of the photovoltaic panels is higher and, thus, the yield will be lower despite the fact that the level of radiation is higher than in the mountains.

There are conflicting opinions regarding the installation of photovoltaic panels in the plains or in the mountains. The fact that there are a bigger number of sunny days in the plains increases the actual production time, instead in the mountains we can observe that the environment is cleaner and the operating temperatures are lower, both contributing to a higher performance yield.

Wattrom supports the photovoltaic electricity production in Romania with the soundness of the panels manufacturing process, ensuring this way the long-term investment safety.