Romania – agricultural country with effective long-term solutions

In the years 2013-2014, the Romanian agriculture has suffered enormous losses when thousands of arable hectares were removed from the agricultural circuit in order to install over 1000 MW for photovoltaic energy.

The Romanian agriculture sustainable development can be achieved by accessing the funds from AFIR. With their help, ecological irrigation systems powered from renewable energy sources, can be created. Most photovoltaic projects, when installed, do not affect in any way the agricultural land, on the contrary only bring long-term benefits by protecting the irrigation channels from the direct sunlight incidence, which leads to the warming and evaporation of the irrigation water.

There is also the alternative of extracting water from high depths with a pumping system. This solution enables the use of water to create ponds for watering livestock or for irrigating a micro farm.

The advantages of using an irrigation method equipped with photovoltaic systems aims at minimizing the initial investment costs.

Another solution is the hybrid greenhouse, more rarely encountered in practice but with an enormous potential. This construction requires the inclusion of photovoltaic panels positioned above the greenhouse itself. The hybrid greenhouse has many advantages, but the most important of these, worth mentioning, is the impact on the renewable energy costs. The hybrid greenhouse equipped with solar panels helps to considerably reduce the energy costs of the Romanian farmers. A reduction in the fixed costs of any investment has a positive impact on the final production costs for fruit and vegetables. The only weak point of a hybrid greenhouse is reflected by the lack of adaptation risk of certain plant species in an intense light deprived environment.

Wattrom, Romanian producer of photovoltaic panels, supports the entire sustainable implementation system of the machinery used in agriculture by providing long-term guaranteed high quality and efficiency machinery.