Photovoltaic parking lot

In the coming years it is estimated that the electricity production sources will be decentralized. In the industrial area, the halls do not have a favorable geometry for installing a photovoltaic roof-top panels system but, generally, any such establishment has an area intended for parking. By simply calculating the space required for parking a car, we obtain the result of 15 square meters (5m x 3m). The result is the equivalent of 15 square meters of mounted photovoltaic panels, or 8 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels with 72 solar cells, which will produce 2,4 kWh (8 x 300W). In addition to the economic benefits the use of the photovoltaic panels generates, practical advantages are also produced, namely: the vehicles are protected from sunlight, bad weather and the technical intervention on the installation is done much easier than on a roof.

Let us take the example of a commercial space that has a parking lot with 200 parking spaces. The installed power will be of 200 x 2,4kW, respectively 480kW, and the equivalent of enough energy to power in daylight over 300 nearby homes.

However, in the residential area, the hybrid vehicles are bought more and more, and the autonomy of 50km is more than enough for short city trips. Leaving the vehicle for charging in a photovoltaic parking lot is the ideal way to protect nature and not generate high costs for the classically produced electricity.

The Wattrom photovoltaic panels are produced with an extended warranty that make the investment in solar projects to be one with minimal risk, also helping to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere from the classical (fossil) means of electricity production.