Be our partner, choose WATTROM!

We will develop beneficial partnerships with the companies that:

  • attend renewable energy auctions;
  • install photovoltaic panels and offer turn-key systems;
  • acquire photovoltaic panels for resale;
  • obtain and carry out complex energy projects;
  • produce photovoltaic modules using its own raw materials in the factory located in the Ovidiu.

We suggest, to the interested companies, the alternative to produce photovoltaic panels in its own factory located in the Ovidiu locality. To the interested partners we provide our staff involved in the complex manufacturing process of the photovoltaic panels.

The production team training is confirmed by the active participation in the specialized training programs that guarantees the high quality of the obtained photovoltaic panels. The team experience in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels represents, for our current and future partners, the guarantee of obtaining a high productivity and high quality of the manufactured products.

We provide our business partners with the latest machinery that the company’s factory is equipped with. The complex photovoltaic panels’ manufacturing systems are ISO 9001:2015 and Kiwa certified. The acquired quality certificates confirm the products’ and the entire technological flow quality control execution. The quality is, for us and for our partners, the main element to be delivered with the manufactured product.

We will develop long-term partnerships with the interested companies. The main purpose is to achieve win-to-win partnerships that contribute to the provision of high quality photovoltaic panels on the domestic and foreign renewable energy market.

We provide our partners all the technical and trade support they need!


The technical team offers customized solutions for the increasingly different and specific needs of our clients. To identify and suggest solutions customized to the needs of our clients, we provide specialized technical and legal consultancy services.

We offer specialized legal advice to suggest the most efficient and effective solutions in accordance with the current law in Romania. With the regulation of the feed-in tariff procedures, our company will provide legal advice, so our clients will get the advantage of subsidizing the renewable energy production injected into the system. With the new green energy production alternative funding method, addressed to the small producers (with installed power below 500 kW), they can sell without restrictions the energy resulted from the photovoltaic panels’ use to the local supplier at a set fixed price. Our company will support the clients by providing legal advice, so that they can obtain the green certificates necessary to subsidize the renewable energy production.


The design service carried out by our highly specialized design personnel is, for our clients, the most reliable service quality confirmation. The dedicated design services, provided at a high professionalism level, offer practical solutions and solutions adapted to the specific of the appropriate applications.

Since we have photovoltaic panels design specialized personnel, we reserve the right to offer design solutions for all types of applications (residential, trade or public) where the photovoltaic panels can be placed.

Our team of designers is distinguished by specialized technical training, extensive experience in the field, professionalism and high availability.


The Wattrom photovoltaic panels are characterized by high efficiency and reliability. In the manufacture process of the photovoltaic panels, we are using only certified raw materials, action that confirms the high recorded performances.

The Wattrom photovoltaic panels have obtained the international Kiwa certification, attesting to their high quality and high efficiency. The photovoltaic panels are under guarantee of maintaining the yield within the certified limits for a period of 25 years.

In the unlikely event of a failure in the acquired photovoltaic panels, our clients will benefit from our full support. This way we minimize the intervention and remediation period of the potential occurred problems.


Our current clients and partners can opt for the post-sale technical consultancy alternative. The main purpose of the service is to maintain the photovoltaic panels’ high degree of efficiency over large periods of time.

We offer all our clients and business partners with the possibility to contract maintenance services for the photovoltaic panels. Wishing to meet the needs of our clients in the long term, we have reserved the right to practice, for this type of service, an advantageous and accessible tariff level for all our clients.