Active buildings – electricity production for self-consumption

The ideal solar energy capture system is Tracker type installed on the buildings’ roof, so the solar panel will capture in the incidence angle the maximum of the solar energy and the entire gear will rotate in an east-west direction. A Tracker type system raises the initial investment costs and involves additional maintenance costs.

Even so, the roof of a building is not enough to produce all the energy required for self-consumption. There is a possibility that the roof does not have a flat surface on which to install the Tracker type system and, in this situation, an evaluation of the roof part that is exposed as long as possible to the sunlight incidence is required.

For apartment buildings, generally, there are two sides that have no windows. Following the evaluation of the time the wall is exposed to sunlight, we can install photovoltaic panels with vertical structure capable of ensuring the self-consumption during the sun exposure period.

The photovoltaic panels’ design harmonizing with that of the apartment building’s outer surface is possible by customizing the frames’ design. This creates a modern side with a particularly attractive design.

Wattrom, with the production of photovoltaic panels in Romania, aims to ensure high quality standards by the long-term guarantee of the photovoltaic machines investment.