Tritech Group, producer of high efficiency monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic panels, invested in 2015 in the construction of a modern factory. Located in Ovidiu, Constanta County, the factory provides the strategic advantage to be situated close to the A4 highway and the Constanta Port.

The equipment of the factory with professional production machinery ensures the highest quality of the manufactured photovoltaic panels. The acquisition and use of cutting-edge production machinery is, for our clients, the best warranty that we offer high efficiency photovoltaic panels.

The efficient, semi-automatic production line was purchased from a producer specialized worldwide in the photovoltaic panels production process. This allowed the installation of an efficient technological flow that uses leading technologies and meets the latest technical and environmental manufacturing rules in line with the current market demands.

The photovoltaic panels manufactured by the Tritech Group are registered and marketed under the Wattrom brand. Depending on our clients’ requests, we can deliver both monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic panels of different sizes and yields.

Tritech Group is the only photovoltaic panels producer holding a control and warranty technology of the products offered to the clients. The Wattrom panels quality and the design, production and marketing process of the panels are ISO 9001:2015 and Kiwa certified. The production activity is performed in accordance with the EN 61215 and EN 61730-1/2 standards, as well as other renewable energy reference standards.

Tritech Group offers competitive prices on the Romanian renewable energy market, but also on the foreign market, because of the cutting-edge technologies used and the unique relationship with the raw materials producers.

Tritech Group is a reliable partner, able to satisfy its clients’ most demanding needs. To obtain and guarantee the exceptional results for each project, the technical team offers specialized consulting services.

The Tritech Group’s mission is to provide its clients with photovoltaic panels of the highest quality at very competitive prices.

The future strategy is focused towards increasing the current production line capacity and maintaining the highest quality standards in all the design, production and marketing stages of the solar panels.